Triumphant Return

By David Chitty

The sea of faces stopped smiling
The chorus of laughter stopped chiming
I left with them
But, like herpes, I will never stay gone for long
This is my first triumphant return
Let's hope it doesn't crash and burn

No more when I say David
You say Chitty.
When I say David
You say... nothing
It was a little bit shitty.

No more erotic odes to my beard
No more nonsense stories about a man called Jim
Or about a lawn I'd like to mow.

But the world's quite shitty
It needs a little bit of chitty
To brighten everyone's day
And keep the shadows at bay

It's a fresh start
Straight from the heart
It's time for something completely new
It's time for you to pull up a pew
This is my triumphant return
And, no, I don't have herpes.

© 2018 David Chitty

Thanet Writers