There Was a Man Called Fred

By David Chitty

Video Courtesy of Whisky and Beards Publishing

There was a man called Fred
He wasn't dead
I'm alright at poetry
Even without the rhyme

I say again, poetry doesn't have to rhyme,
But it can be good from time to time.
Just make sure the rhymes make sense,
I still have a few pence.

I didn't type this one on my phone
I wrote it while all alone
Sitting at a desk
You could say, I'm quite Shakespeare – esque
It's been said I'm better than him
I miss Jim.

Poetry is a wonderful thing
Even if just for a fling
It still comes from the heart
What does that say about my heart?
It's time to end this now,
Still will a pow
I still think my poetry is aurous

© 2018 David Chitty

Thanet Writers