My Significant Other

By David Chitty

You’re there when I need you the most
You’re there when nobody else is
You’re there when I need something to play with and it’s not appropriate to bring my soldier to attention

You give me the confidence to lead people I have no business leading
You give me the strength to hold my head up high
You give me something to fill the awkward silences I usually fill by proposing

When strangers stroke you it fills me with pride
When you tickle my nose you bring me joy
When you crawl into my mouth I know it’s because you love me

I coat you in oils when I want to feel special
You don’t complain
I run my fingers through you when I have an itch to scratch
You don’t complain
Most of all you don’t ask for anything in return
My silent significant other
You and I are one and you’ll never leave me
My friend, my love, my beard.

© 2017 David Chitty

Thanet Writers