David Chitty was always a creator with his words. When he was 5 he wrote a story about a dinosaur that travelled the town eating cars. The townsfolk were annoyed by this and asked the beast to stop. It did. It moved onto eating the people instead. It seems that, even as a child, David wasn't one to shy away from the darkness he's becoming known for in his writing.

He stopped writing at about 8 years of age or so. All the stories he was crafting ended the same way: "The end, or is it?".

His teacher told him how terrible the endings really were. It destroyed any love he had for the written word. Even reading filled his mind with the same despondent feeling that writing did. Once he could read he could see no point in it anymore. Words had lost their magic to a young David.

Eventually, David picked up the books again. He read a few books in his spare time. It all started up again for him. He started to put one of the many ideas he had to paper. It was a terrible book, but he'd finished it. Something he hadn't been able to do for years. Almost straight away, David started writing more. All of that has led to The Fang Series.

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